martes, 26 de julio de 2011

Unit 12 - Clothes and Cost - Describe what they are wearing.

This green blouse it's on Bs. 450, The rest of the blouses are cheaper, because there are no green. The blue jeans will cost on Bs.300 and the rest of the jeans are more expensive because they are size large.The rest of the clothes are cheaper. The striped belt will cost aroundBs.230. Under the blouse, a shirt is beige, which would costing Bs 170.

                                         Describe what they are wearing

What she is wearing?

She is wearing a blue jeans, and she is sitting on sand. I like her style, she is wearing a white blouse. Also using a jacket  orange, but will not cover the arms. She also has a necklace and bracelets.

The girl's hair is smooth and golden, it is very beautiful.

What he is wearing?

He is a professional. He is wearing a suit, he is using a black jacket and black pants. His tie is red and the shirt are white. I can imagine that he is wearing a belt. And i can't see a black shoes but i suppose that he is wearing. How he was put a suit withouth shoes?. He is using a clock in his arm, I hope that he is not on time.

Unit 11 - Clothing

1 Makes: treats patients.
2 Where he works: in a hospital, clinic.
3 What is your occupation: Doctor.
4 What is your personality: Nice, intelligent, safe.

1 Makes: Advocates for people with.
2 Where he works: Court, prosecution, in his own office.
3 What is your occupation: Lawyer
4 What is your pesonality: Intelligent, certain seriuos.

1 Makes: Teaches the student.
2 Where he works: In a school, university.
3 What is your occupation: Teacher
4 What is your pesonality: Intelligent, Friendly, pleasant.

martes, 28 de junio de 2011

A little poem to my dad

You may have thought I didn't see, Or that I hadn't heard, Life lessons that you taught to me, But I got every word.

Perhaps you thought I missed it all, And that we'd grow apart, But Dad, I picked up everything, It's written on my heart.

Without you, Dad, I wouldn't be The man I am today; You built a strong foundation No one can take away.

I've grown up with your values, And I'm very glad I did; So here's to you, dear father, From your forever grateful kid.

My daily routine

My day starts early, in the morning, i get up at 6:00 and take a shower, before that i dressing me very quickly and go to my university untill 11:00. At 11:30 i go to breakfast with my friends and bro's.

In the afternoon, i sleep from 1:00 to 4:00 or 5:00 and usually 6:00.

In the night, i go to Bella Vista's Club with my father and my bro's and usualy untill very late, They ever do live music or good events. Before that i go with they to my house or to some events or go to my house to sleep and prepare for a new day:)

Unit 10 - Housing:

A: Do you live in a house or an apartment?
B: I live in a house. In valle claro. In myhouse, there are nine rooms -- Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a livingroom, a kitchen, a studyingroom and a garage.

¿What is your favorite room of your house?

My favorite room is my bedroom, because there i can make whatever i wanna do and there i live jeje, i eat rigth there and i play rigth there. Is how my home inside my house.

lunes, 23 de mayo de 2011

My Week Activities

Okay, it is this my schedule of Week Activities, read this and comment if you want.

7:00am-12:00pm At home, sleeping.
5:30pm-9:00pm Play basketball with friends
7:00pm-11:00am At University, studying and sharing with friends
5:30pm-10:00pm Play basketball with friends
10:00am-12:00pm At University, studying and sharing with friends
4:00pm-8:00pm Street, playing or stuying (not always)
7:00am-11:00am At University, studying and sharing with friends
2:30pm-6:00pm Sleep
12:00am-12:00pm In anywhere, Sleeping 
10:00pm-4:00am At Parties :D
5:00am-2:00pm Hangover by parties
11:00pm-4:00pm At Parties (Again)
9:00am Reunion with family or at 2:00pm Awakening
10:00pm-12:00am Watch TV

Welcome to my new blog!

Hello, world! this is my level 2 blog.  Here, I will post my homework and share interesting things to practice my english.  

My name is Gerardo Antunez  aka Lalo. I am from Maracaibo. I live in Maracaibo, in Valle Claro. I am 17 years old and I study electric engineering at URBE . My favorite subjects are the sports, all kind of sports.  This trimester I am taking 3 classes and I am in the 3rd trimester. 

I love music, play basketball or all kinds of sports, dancing, surfing the net, studying English, talking on the phone or by sms with my friends, pizza, chocolate, my family, etc.

I hate the rain, when the people smoke, getting up early on the weekend, the war, the injustice, and washing the dishes jeje.

My dream is to travel around the world, visit the Pyramids in Egypt and The Eiffel Tower in Paris. Of course, I want to graduate from Engineering School and be a good engineer. I also want to learn to speak French, and Italian. I’d love to work in an important company and buy a house, get married and start a family.

About English, I love to learn new languages. I think English is very important. I listen to music and watch TV in English. It’s a good exercise. I also chat on the internet and have friends in many countries. I can write well, but I need to practice more the speaking. The most difficult for me is pronounce. I want to practice in class and out of class,  too. I hope I can make a lot of friends and practice the speak in this class. 

To be the best, I have no limit!